After School Program


Shared goal(s): Support youth during out-of-school time activities


For several years, the After School Program has been offered in multiple Y Branches in partnership with a local school district in the Greater New Orleans area. The program runs M-F, 3pm-6pm. As part of the partnership, the schools provide transportation for students to the Y locations from schools. The Y is in talks to expand the program to two more area school districts. During the pandemic, the program is starting to running into issues of social distancing and transportation.

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Lead organization partners: YMCA of Greater New Orleans, Local School District

Kinds of organization: Direct Service Non-profit Organization, School/School District

Participant population: Youth (Ages 5-13 or Grades K-8)

Youth development support targetted: Out-of-School Time Academic Enrichment/Extended Learning, Physical Activity/Recreation/Playtime

Primary funding source: Earned Income (from sale of products or services)



Timeframe: Fall 2020 (Academic Year), Spring 2021 (Academic Year), Winter 2020 (Academic Year)

Location: Louisiana

Total capacity: 40; contingent on space constraints

Health and safety: Compliance with State/County/City guidance, Limited room occupancy, Physical distancing, Required masks for all--adults and youth--on site

How do you address inequity? 

The program core focus is addressing inequity. It provides space, structure, and expertise to youth from families that do not have the resources to provide extra academic support. Ideally, this extra support means that the participating youth will remain academically engaged and successful.

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Main Office: (504) 568-9622


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