Bright Spot Nomination Form

We are all doing youth development work. And to do our work, we bring people together. Sometimes this means we coordinate with other organizations. The Bright Spots database is a space to highlight examples of what can work when organizations come together, when we intentionally partner with each other to meet a shared goal.

Showcase your partnership!

Partnerships can be new or existing. They can neighborhood-specific or nationally-scaled. What is important is that the partnerships are clear examples of organizations--be they city departments, schools, museums, research firms, youth development clubs, or other groups entirely--coordinating together to meet the needs of youth.

Your responses are the first step to being included into the Bright Spots Database and sharing about your high-quality partnership with the youth development field.

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OPTIONAL PARTNERSHIP RESOURCES: Thank you for letting us know about your partnership! We know that partnerships take time and effort. Even more so for successful partnerships. They require coordination. They rely on continuous communication. Partners build a common agenda. Their activities are mutually reinforcing. They take stock of their progress through shared measurements. As you work together to meet your shared goal, we encourage you to consider which of these elements currently exist in your partnership, and use that information to continuously improve together. More information about these 'Collective Impact' elements and evaluating their implementation within your partnership is available here: More information on mobilizing your partnership for change can be found here: A working example and toolkit of this kind of 'Big Picture' mobilization is offered here: A school-community specific partnership toolkit is available here: Thank you, again.