Shared goal(s): Continue or Leverage existing partnerships to meet youth needs, Support youth during out-of-school time activities


AfterOpp is a joint initiative of The Opportunity Project, Tulsa Public Schools, and site-level coordinating agencies. The joint initiative began in 2018 at two Tulsa Public Junior High Schools with coordination by Tulsa Debate League at Will Rogers Junior High School and Youth At Heart at Hale Junior High School. In the Spring of 2019, AfterOpp expanded to a third Tulsa Public school, Daniel Webster Middle School with site coordination by Tulsa Debate League. In the fall of 2019 AfterOpp expanded to a forth Tulsa Public school, Monroe Demonstration Academy, with site coordination by City Year. AfterOpp leverages the expertise of the aforementioned partners, as well as, other community organizations, individual community members, teachers and more, in order to offer youth a variety of opportunities in the out-of-school-time space. Through this FREE program, middle school students enjoy fun, safe after-school programs — ranging from sports, arts and music, to hands-on science. Through hands-on activities students are given the opportunity to explore their passions, expand their interests and build positive relationships with peers and adults. With the onset of COVID-19, AfterOpp has transitioned to a virtual learning space, to allow youth opportunities to connect, learn, grow and discover, while safely at home.

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Lead organization partners: Tulsa Debate League, Youth At Heart, City Year Tulsa, Tulsa Public Schools, The Opportunity Project

Kinds of organization: Community-based Non-profit Organization, School/School District

Participant population: Families, Parents/Caregivers/Guardians, Youth (Ages 5-13 or Grades K-8)

Youth development support targetted: Out-of-School Time Academic Enrichment/Extended Learning, Social and Emotional Learning/Character Development, Whole Child/Positive Youth Development

Primary funding source: Intermediary Grantmaker, Local Philanthropy, Private Philanthropic Foundation



Timeframe: Fall 2020 (Academic Year), Spring 2021 (Academic Year), Winter 2020 (Academic Year)

Location: Oklahoma

Total capacity: The maximum number of students that can engage in AfterOpp is determined by how many clubs are offered at the specific site. The number of clubs at a site is usually determined by learning partner capacity and the in-school student population.Though the number of clubs varies per site, approximately 15 clubs are offered per site. AfterOpp asks that clubs stay within a 15:1 student to adult ratio. If 15 clubs are offered with one learning partner leading each club, an AfterOpp site can serve up to 225 students. Across four sites, AfterOpp can serve up to 900 youth participants.

Health and safety: Not applicable; We are not providing in-person supports.

How do you address inequity? 

AfterOpp serves students in Tulsa’s most vulnerable communities, allowing them opportunities to engage in activities they may not otherwise encounter. Many of the families served through AfterOpp, would not otherwise have the resources to visit a museum, join a soccer club, attend swim lessons, pay for specialized tutoring, etc. AfterOpp allows middle school students a safe place to go to after school. A place where they can receive a fresh snack, build valuable relationships, grow their skill sets, and choose their clubs based on their interests -- free of charge! AfterOpp is offered on site at Tulsa Public Schools and Tulsa Public Schools provides transportation home in an effort to eliminate the need for transportation by families. It is the goal of The Opportunity Project that all youth in Tulsa have access to high quality, expanded learning opportunities.

Contact information: 

Molly McDonald
The Opportunity Project


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