Denver SEAL Initiative


Shared goal(s): Continue or Leverage existing partnerships to meet youth needs, Develop staff/volunteers pedagogical competencies


In 2017, the Wallace Foundation selected Denver as one of six cities to implement the Partnerships for Social Emotional Learning Initiative (PSELI), known as the SEAL Initiative. Through this partnership, the DAA and Denver Public Schools are working together to build the capacity of select day-schools and afterschool programs to integrate SEAL into their practices, staff structures and goals for youth. Research shows that children who participate in evidence-based SEAL programs, both in the classroom and after school, have improved SEAL skills and academic performance, and they are more likely to graduate from college, succeed in their careers, have positive work and family relationships, and better physical and mental health.

Web site:

Lead organization partners: Denver Afterschool Alliance, Denver Public Schools

Kinds of organization: Government Entity, School/School District

Participant population: Organization Staff/Volunteers, Youth (Ages 5-13 or Grades K-8)

Youth development support targetted: Social and Emotional Learning/Character Development, Staff and Volunteer Learning/Capacity/Professional Development, Whole Child/Positive Youth Development

Primary funding source: Government Entity/Grant, Private Philanthropic Foundation



Timeframe: Fall 2020 (Academic Year), Spring 2021 (Academic Year), Summer 2020, Summer 2021, Winter 2020 (Academic Year)

Location: Colorado

Total capacity: 6 elementary school/out-of-school-time program partnerships

Health and safety: Not applicable; We are not providing in-person supports.

How do you address inequity? 

By supporting youth and adults to build strong relationships, the DAA and youth-serving organizations are using SEAL as a lever for equity that prioritizes adult learning and reflection about their own social-emotional and cultural competencies, elevates students’ voices, and strengthens families and communities.

Further, the SEAL Initiative has worked to bridge the relationships between day school and out-of-school-time staff including leveraging the relationships and deep connection to the community that out-of-school-time partners have developed to increase the connections and supports offered during the school day.

Contact information: 

Miranda Cook
SEAL Initiative Manager
Denver Office of Children's Affairs


Common agenda: This element is EMERGING in our work.

Continuous communication: We are SUSTAINING this element.

Backbone support: We are SUSTAINING this element.

Mutually reinforcing activities: We are SUSTAINING this element.

Shared measurement: This element is EMERGING in our work.

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