Patterson Park Charter School


Shared goal(s): Continue or Leverage existing partnerships to meet youth needs, Support youth during remote/virtual/online school time learning


Founded in 2005, Patterson Park Public Charter School is a community school. This means it creates a network of partnerships with other community resources that focus on a whole-child learning approach and promote student achievement and family and community well-being. As a community school, “which means we are a place and set of partnerships,” the Executive Director explains, Patterson Park Public Charter School already has long-standing relationships within its Southeast Baltimore community. Since the vision and mission of the school is helping the whole child, “we have to go way beyond classroom door” and build partnerships across the city that will have an impact on kids, says Dr. Charles Kramer, principal of the school.

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Lead organization partners: Patterson Park Public Charter School

Kinds of organization: School/School District

Participant population: Youth (Ages 5-13 or Grades K-8)

Youth development support targetted: Whole Child/Positive Youth Development

Primary funding source: Government Entity/Grant, Private Philanthropic Foundation



Timeframe: Fall 2020 (Academic Year), Spring 2021 (Academic Year), Summer 2020, Winter 2020 (Academic Year)

Location: Maryland

Total capacity: 733

Health and safety: Not applicable; We are not providing in-person supports.

How do you address inequity? 

Advancing equity is a strategic goal of the school, and a goal for the 2019-2020 academic year was for racial disparities in academic and behavior data will decrease through all aspects of theit Diversity, Equity, and Iinclusion plan. The school serves largely low-income youth of color. 100% of the students are eligible for free/reduced price lunches, 40% are English language learners, 49% are Black/African-American, and 35% are Hispanic/Latino.

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(410) 558-1230


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