The Opp and Friends


Shared goal(s): Continue or Leverage existing partnerships to meet youth needs, Support youth during remote/virtual/online school time learning


The Opp and Friends, a new digital pre-recorded program, features expanded learning content for students ages 4-12. The program will be aired Monday through Friday from 4:00-5:00 p.m. on RSU-TV cable channel and streamed via YouTube. Aimed at filling a void of expanded learning opportunities for Tulsa area students during distance learning, over fifteen (15) partner organizations submit weekly, pre-recorded, engaging activities, exercise videos, STEM career exploration, and virtual tours for students and families to view.

Web site:

Lead organization partners: RSU-TV and The Opportunity Project

Kinds of organization: Advocacy/Intermediary Non-profit Organization, School/School District

Participant population: Families, Parents/Caregivers/Guardians, Youth (Ages 5-13 or Grades K-8)

Youth development support targetted: Arts/Crafts/Artistic Expression, Out-of-School Time Academic Enrichment/Extended Learning, Social and Emotional Learning/Character Development

Primary funding source: Intermediary Grantmaker



Timeframe: Fall 2020 (Academic Year), Spring 2021 (Academic Year), Winter 2020 (Academic Year)

Location: Oklahoma

Total capacity: Unlimited

Health and safety: Not applicable; We are not providing in-person supports., Programming is virtual

How do you address inequity? 

We recognize that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, youth across the county have limited access to high-quality expanded learning opportunities. Our goal with this program is to pivot organizations that typically provide in-person programming and make that programming virtual while students participate in distance learning. With the use of technology, we hope to reach more youth across the county via homes, childcare centers, and school-based settings.

Contact information: 

Jackie DuPont, The Opportunity Project


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Continuous communication: We are SUSTAINING this element.

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